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Nemo's Reef is an activity based service center geared toward the wants and needs of the individual with positive behavioral support tailored to their ISP by utilizing person centered philosophy. We want everyone to achieve independence to reach their full potential while being satisfied with the services offered to them.


We offer several services, including transportation, ranging anywhere from in house activities to trips out in the community. We want everyone to have fun, be safe, and learn! Though we have quite a few services outlined below, we continue to expand our service options based on the needs of individuals served. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or would like additional information on the services provided.


Nemo's Reef will provide safe transportation to and from home along with transportation required for our trips. A qualified driver is behind the wheel with an aide assisting individuals (aide only available on bus). In the event there is an issue with our vehicles, notification will be sent out as soon as possible.


We have a lot of fun things to do for the artistic and crafty individuals. With a room dedicated to art, you can let your artistic side come out and let your imagination come to life.  


Offered to meet the individual's needs, sensory stimulation exercises include cognitive skill building activities, therapeutic activities, range of motion, yoga, Zumba, LED calming light therapy. Sensory stimulation is used to increase concentration, improve self concept, and increase alertness.


Several small group activities throughout the center allow more personalized interactions with peers and Support Professionals. The groups rotate stations to experience all activities while getting to know their group members encouraging social skill development.


Nemo's Reef is dedicated to following the individual support plan that establishes support and strategies based on the person centered planning process, intended to accomplish the individual's long and short term outcomes by accommodating the financial and human resources offered to the individualized support team.

We ensure Support Professionals receive competency based training as described in the individual's behavioral support plan. Support Professionals receive annual training on positive behavioral support.


We also believe in leisure activities for the days we stay in or if someone prefers to not go on an offered trip. Some of our leisure activities include, but are not limited to, bird watching, crossword puzzles, listening to music, playing video games, reading books, socializing, balloon volleyball, board games, computer, watch a movie or T.V., arts and crafts. Leisure activities are offered daily to provide time to relax and have fun.


Garden Club is an organized group with a shared interest in nature, gardening, and plants. Activities include planting flowers, fruits and vegetables along with flower arranging and tending to the garden's needs. Garden Club is a great way to develop skills in maintaining a garden while working with peers who share enthusiasm for gardening.


Self Advocacy Club teaches skills in having the right to make life decisions without undue influence or control by others and by being able to speak up for one's self about their choices in their care and changes they want to make in their community by bringing people together to share ideas and support. Self Advocacy Club is also a way to have fun and make friends.

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